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Smart Solution for PDF Conversion

Abandon complicated PDF tools, iMyFone MintPDF converts your PDF files to various editable formats easier and faster.

  • PDF to Word

    PDF to Word

  • PDF to Excel

    PDF to Excel

  • PDF to Images

    PDF to Images

  • PDF to PPT

    PDF to PPT

  • PDF to TXT

    PDF to TXT

  • PDF to HTML

    PDF to HTML

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Testimonials from Active Clients


I had over 50 PDF documents that I needed to be converted into word files; this software did it like it was nothing! It works in batch and saves me a lot of time. I recommend it to everyone!

Ella Adrian


I work with large file sizes and this software handles it with no problem. The interface is fresh and easy to use, and my PDF comes out as an image in seconds.

James Bailey


I love this converter so much. I use it almost every day, really speeds up my efficiency at work.

Ivy Parker


I was amazed at the way it handled all my bulk PDF conversion jobs. The software went about its business producing perfect results every time.

Robert Madison


I have my own way of working with PDFs. What iMyFone PDF Converter did was not just give me flexibility but it also saved me a lot of time. Seriously, for what it does and the price they’re selling it… it’s a bargain.

Peyton Zachry

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  • 100% Secure

    100% Secure

    All programs are clean and safe to download and install.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    Money Back Guarantee

    Our risk-free satisfaction guarantee lasts 30 days.

  • Lifetime Support

    Lifetime Support

    24/7/365 customer service - all day, every day.

  • User Friendly

    User Friendly

    Super easy for everyone to use, no knowledge of technology is required.

  • Professionally Built

    Professionally Built

    Experienced R&D team to ensure products above the industry average.

  • Free Upgrade/Update

    Free Upgrade/Update

    No addtional charge for lifetime updates.

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