While it’s easy to find PDF to Excel converters online, finding a free PDF to Excel converter can be a daunting task. Nevertheless, you happen to be in the right place because we’ve made this task easy for you. We performed thorough market research and found 4 top PDF to excel converters using which you can easily convert PDF files into excel spreadsheets in a matter of minutes. You can convert PDF files to XLS, XML or XLSX format. Yes, you’ve read that right. In this post, we’ll discuss 4 trending tools to convert PDF to Excel for free, one by one. Read further to know more.

Top 5 Free PDF to Excel Converters - Tried and Tested

Let’s now look at the 4 most trending PDF to Excel converters on the market. We tried and tested each tool to provide you the details of our first-hand experience with each tool.

1Free PDF to Excel Converter With No Limitations - iMyFone MintPDF

iMyFone MintPDF is one of the easiest and simplest PDF to Excel converters out there. Honestly, converting PDFs to Excel files was never so easy and quick. Not only this but you can use the converted files anywhere, without worrying about their compatibility. Wait! There’s more to the PDF to Excel converter than you are thinking.


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Features of MintPDF that make it number one on our list:

  • Convert PDF files to Excel files in a matter of seconds

  • Enter password for encrypted files and convert them without any issues

  • Transform PDF files into XLS and XLSX files

  • Leverage batch conversion; no limit on the number of files you want to convert

  • Bid goodbye to file size worries

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Get a Free license of PDF to Excel converter:
Simply go to MintPDF page and click share icon of Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest on the right panel (as the picture shows below). Then enter your email to get the free license. You can enjoy all features for free.

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Ultra easy way to Convert PDF to Excel with iMyFone MintPDF

Step 1: Download iMyFone MintPDF on your PC and open it.

convert pdf to excel mintpdf

Step 2: Pick “Excel” format and drag your PDF into the window.

convert pdf to excel mintpdf

Step 3: Check a file or multiple files you want to convert and hit the “Convert” button. You can also trash the task anytime you want by hitting the “Stop” button.

convert pdf to excel mintpdf

2Desktop PDF to Excel Converter That Supports Tabular Data - Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro is another desktop-based PDF to Excel converter that can help you convert PDF files into Microsoft Excel 2007 Workbook (.xlsx) or 2003 XML Spreadsheet (.xml). Using Nitro Pro, you can convert selected pages, complete PDF files or multiple PDF files in batches. However, there’s one thing you need to ensure before conversion, i.e., the PDF you want to convert to excel must comprise tabular data. In case the tool does not find any tabular data, the conversion will not take place.

nitro pro convert pdf to excel


correct_twoComes with OCR ability.

correct_twoCan support multiple PDF files in a single conversion.

correct_twoProvides you with the option to select the number of pages you want in the converted file.


error_twoCan only convert PDF to Excel if the PDF comprises tabular data.

error_twoSuper expensive for the full version.

Limitations of the Free Version:

circle5 conversions is provided for free per month.

circleOnly 14 days trial is available.

3Easy to Use Online PDF to Excel Converter - SmallPDF

If you are more online-savvy than desktop, you can use SmallPDF to convert PDF to Excel without any hassle (however; SmallPDF provides users with a desktop-based option too). The best thing about SmallPDF is that all the data retains its original format and there’s no data loss whatsoever. SmallPDF’s conversion algorithm is solid and the conversion hardly takes a few seconds.

smallpdf convert pdf to excel


correct_twoEasy to use and intuitive.

correct_twoEffective in converting large PDF files.

correct_twoCan be used directly on the browser.


error_twoA little slow as compared to the desktop version.

error_twoThere might be data safety concerns for online converters.

Limitations of the Free Version:

circleOnly 2 files are allowed in each hour.

circleBatch conversion is not supported.

circleIt limits a 100MB file size.

4Popular Online PDF to Excel Converter - Soda PDF

Soda PDF’s intelligent conversion tool allows you to seamlessly convert PDF to Excel for free. Each page in your PDF document is converted to an individual Excel spreadsheet. Once the conversion is complete, you can edit the Excel file per your requirements.

sodapdf convert pdf to excel


correct_twoCross-platform functionality.

correct_twoGreat technical support and customer service.

correct_twoAvailable in both desktop and online versions.


error_twoConversion of heavy/large files can take a lot of time.

error_twoThere might be data safety concerns for online converters.

Limitations of the Free Version:

circleYou are forced to see ads in the free version during the conversion process.

circleIt has a not clear size limit for PDF files.

A Quick Comparison of the Free PDF to Excel Converters on Our List

FeatureiMyFone MintPDFNitro ProSmallPDFSoda PDF
SpeedVery fastFastA little slowA little slow
Output QualityAccurateUnsuccessful if the PDF does not comprise tabular dataAccurateAccurate
Batch ConversionYes, unlimitedNoNoNo
File Size LimitNoNoYes, 100MBYes, not clear
File Quantity LimitNoNo11
Full Version Price$4.95/month$159/year$12/month$10/month

Now that you have identified the 4 best tools to convert PDF to Excel for free, which of them would you prefer to use? Based on personal experience, we would pick the number one tool, i.e., iMyFone MintPDF. First things first, it’s more affordable than all the other conversion tools out there and reliable too. It’s easy to use, fast and you can convert PDF to Excel in a matter of seconds. We hope you found this post useful. If you have any questions or suggestions, we would love to hear them.