Whether you’re a student, a teacher or a person with a job in the corporate sector, making PowerPoint presentations is part of the deal. But what’s more important is to deliver the presentation in such a way that the audience is genuinely impressed.

To make an effective presentation, you need to be familiar with the usage of tools that help you convert PDF into PPT. Why do you require a tool for this purpose? The answer is simple – to save time. Extracting information from a PDF file and retyping it is a tiresome and time-consuming task. With so many PDF converting tools available for free, it would be unwise not to avail the many features that they provide. Therefore, we would like to tell you about some of the widely used tools to convert PDF to PPT free online.

Brief Comparison of some PDF to PPT free online Converters

ToolsBatch ConversionSize LimitsEase of UseTime NeededFree Version
Smallpdfyes5GByesWithin seconds14-day trial version
Pdf2Goyes8GByes Within secondsFree
ILovePDFyes(Premium) 15 MB(free) - 1GB (Premium)yes Less time Free/Premium
SodaPDFyesN/Ayes Less timeFree trial version
SimplyPDFyes N/Ayes Less Time Free

Now let's get into the details of these conversion tools so you can have a better idea about how they work and what they offer.

1) SmallPDF


SmallPDF is a Swiss-based software, with 18 PDF tools available in 24 different languages. It is used globally by a large number of people. It is the perfect PDF tool to convert PDF to PPT free online and to manage your documents efficiently and practically.


correct_twoSmallPDF is quick and easy to use.

correct_twoYou have the option of uploading the file not only from your PC, but Google Drive and Dropbox as well.

correct_twoIt converts your PDF into PPT in a matter of seconds.

correct_twoThe quality of the document remains intact even after compression, which is something most conversion tools fail to do.


error_twoIt sometimes takes a bit longer to convert a file.

error_twoOnly 2 files can be compressed in an hour in the trial-version.

error_twoIt is a paid software after 14-day free trial.

2) Pdf2Go


If you want to edit your PDF documents free of charge and in a reliable way, then Pdf2Go is a good choice. It converts your PDF to PPT free online and provides a diverse collection of tools to edit your document.


correct_twoA variety of tools available for editing your PDF file

correct_twoFiles are processed smoothly and high-quality documents are produced.

correct_twoIt is an online tool, therefore downloading isn’t required

correct_twoSaves time as files are converted speedily


error_twoIt has a file limit for free account users

error_twoFree users will have to bear the pop-up ads

error_twoYou have to pay to avail all the features

error_twoIt is dependent on an internet connection to work

3) ILovePDF


Do you want a conversion tool that converts your PDF to PPT free online and has everything available in one place? If yes, then ILovePDF is the tool for you. No matter where in the world you’re located, you can access the website and get your work done. It provides a toolkit to merge, compress, split, convert, watermark, and unlock PDF documents within seconds.


correct_twoIt has a mobile app which is the biggest plus point

correct_twoSolves all the issues related to sending large sized files

correct_twoHelps in managing your time

correct_twoIt's user-friendly and anyone can use it easily the first time

correct_twoAssembles multiple PDF files into one and vice versa


error_twoYou have pay to get a premium account and avail additional features

4) SodaPDF


A solution to all your PDF needs, SodaPDF is a desktop and web-based app. To access this tool all you need is a web browser, so it can be used even if you’re using a handheld device. It has quite a few innovative features that help boost your productivity. Whether you want to convert, edit, review your PDF document or you’re looking for something extra like cloud integration, SodaPDF has it all.


correct_twoIt is a perfect alternative to Adobe Reader

correct_twoText in image recognition (OCR)

correct_twoCustomized toolbar with frequently used tools added to it

correct_twoKeeps adding new features and updates its user about them

correct_twoEnables you to add security to your documents


error_twoYou have to upgrade to premium to avail the complete features

error_twoIssues of getting stuck and restarting have been reported

error_twoCustomer support is unresponsive

5) SimplyPDF


If you’re not quite tech-savvy and want to stick to the basics, SimplyPDF is the answer to all your PDF related needs. It is an old PDF conversion tool with many distinguished options. With its user-friendly interface, it helps you to view or read through your PDF document without having to do anything. It loads quickly, is lightweight and easy to use.


correct_twoGet easily converted formats of your documents from PDF to other formats or the other way round.

correct_twoIt saves your time

correct_twoThe quality of conversion is really good

correct_twoCan detect text in PDF with OCR

correct_twoIt easily detects and places the link in word format.


error_twoOnly three conversion output formats available

error_twoIt is mostly used as a PDF reader/viewer

MintPDF – How is it Better than the Rest?

With an assortment of PDF conversion options and extremely easy to use interface, MintPDF tops the list as one of the most downloaded PDF converters ever. You don't require any technical knowledge to be able to use it. Just drag and drop and your document is all set to be converted or edited. Simply choose the output format and leave it to MintPDF to do the rest.


1,000,000+ Downloads

Why Choose iMyFone MintPDF?

  • With batch conversions, you can convert more than one file at a time.

  • Time-saving as it does its work in just a few seconds.

  • It provides high-quality documents.

  • It has several powerful tools for converting PDFs into other formats.

  • It has high stability unlike other online PDF converters.

  • There's no size limit to the documents you upload.

  • You can share it for free and enjoy a 1-day free trial.

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With so many tools available to convert PDF to PPT free online, it gets difficult to choose the best. By going through the features of each tool you can select the one that works according to your requirements.

The other tools mentioned above are good for use if you want to keep your work web-based and quick. On the other hand, if you're up for downloading a software which has numerous options and unlimited file size, then you should definitely opt for MintPDF.